A minimal lightweight plain text editor for Windows.


A screenshot of the app with the "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" text open

Visually inspired by Left, functionally by Obsidian. Made using Tauri.


Create a file directory to store your notes. Open the app, press Ctrl + O and select the directory. You can browse, open, create, pin, preview, rename, delete and move files and folders via the sidebar. Deleted files and folders are kept in a .trash folder in the working directory. All your changes are auto-saved.

Markdown # headers, *italics*, **bold** and `inline code` are highlighted. You can also [[link]] to other files and ctrl-click to open them. There's also syntax highlighting for code blocks wrapped between ``` symbols—you can specify the language in the first line, like ```csharp. Languages that support highlighting are C#, C++, C, JavaScript, Python, Rust, Go, Java and HLSL.

You can open a preview window for any file; task items in a preview window are clickable. Note that in leto tasks start with [ ], not - [ ]. Press Ctrl + O to open a file corresponding to the selected preview. Press Ctrl + P or right-click the title bar of the preview window to make it always stay on top. Right-click on any link to open a preview window for it.

You can open .png, .jpg and .gif images and [[link]] them just like regular files. Hover on a link while holding Ctrl to preview the image; you can also open a separate preview window for it, where you can zoom and move it. Paste an image directly into the text, and leto will make a file for it and link it automatically.

There's a canvas mode with cards, called Lea. Right-click the sidebar and select New Lea to make a .lea file. Use context menu to create, copy, delete and cut cards, as well as send them to back or front, invert their colors and connect them via arrows. Right-click an arrow to remove or reverse it. Scroll to zoom in or out. Use left mouse button to drag cards and the canvas, and right mouse button to select cards. If multiple cards are selected, you can align them via the context menu. Drag a card by its sides to resize it. You can drag notes and images from the sidebar directly onto the canvas.

The default font is Inter, but you can input any font via the Preferences menu (opened with Ctrl+P). Note that you need the font installed locally. Real italics and bold are only displayed for monospace fonts; otherwise those are just colored.


Shortcut Action
Ctrl + O Open a new directory
Ctrl + Q Close active window
Ctrl + Shift + Q Close all windows
Ctrl + Shift + S Save active file as new
Ctrl + Shift + F Toggle fullscreen
Ctrl + M Minimize leto
Ctrl + E Show quick open
Ctrl + P Show/hide preferences
Ctrl + F Show/hide the search box
Ctrl + B Fold/unfold the sidebar
Ctrl + R Toggle spellcheck
Ctrl + D Open preview of the active file
Ctrl + T Cycle through themes
Ctrl + Plus / Minus Change font size
Ctrl + Shift + Plus / Minus Change sidebar size
Ctrl + ] / [ Change font weight
Ctrl + N Create a new file
Ctrl + Shift + N Create a new folder
Ctrl + Number Open pinned file
Ctrl + Tab Switch to the previous file
Ctrl + ↑ / ↓ Jump between headers
Alt + ↑ / ↓ Move selected lines
Alt + Shift + ↑ / ↓ Duplicate selected lines
Ctrl + Enter Create or check/uncheck a task
Ctrl + L Select the current line
Ctrl + X Cut the current line

Lea Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Space Create a new card
] / [ Send to front/back
I Invert the card's color
V Align selected cards vertically
H Align selected cards horizontally
C Connect selected cards
D Disconnect selected cards
Plus / Minus Zoom in/out
Ctrl + R Reset canvas position
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste an image